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Buying insurance is not always something you choose to do. In other words, it may be required. Many individuals and businesses are obligated by law or contract to carry significant insurance coverage.

In many cases, the costs of required insurance is pretty high. On top of that, it may be necessary to make a large downpayment or even pay your premiums in full. There are cases where the insured individuals and businesses cannot physically come up with enough cash to buy or renew their insurance policies.

This is where premium financing can be of great help. Premium financing enables the insured to:

  • Reduce the initial premium downpayment

  • Reduce the monthly payments

  • Achieve other goals

We are not a premium financing company. But, we provide assistance to our clients when this service is required. Please note that we do not provide any premium financing assistance for policies brokered outside of our agency.

We formed a working relationship with premium financing providers. You will be provided with a full assistance that includes all necessary calculations, applications, contracts and other required work.

This work is fully coordinated with your new or renewal policies issuance under one roof. It may also be possible to finance your premium if your policies are already in force.

This site is under major construction on its way to becoming the coolest insurance planning portal on the Internet. Please visit us often to stay on top of latest changes and updates.

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